Do you still remember the excitement you felt when your child blurted out their first word? Before you know it, your little one will start to sing the alphabet song. 

Every child is different. Although most children develop in similar patterns, learning takes place at their own individual pace. Some kids start recognising certain letters as young as the age of 2, and the majority of them can recite all 26 letters of the alphabet by kindergarten. Meanwhile, other kids may only begin to pick it up as they reach 4 years – which is perfectly normal too! 

Similarly, children typically start to learn how to count at a young age. Between the ages of 2 and 4, their ability to understand the concept of numbers and counting improves dramatically. Most children can count up to 10, or even beyond, by age 4. 

Remember, patience is key

Parents should recognise that learning can be challenging for some kids, and that’s a common part of development. While it’s normal to feel anxious for your little one to hit their learning milestones, this process shouldn’t be rushed.  

Your children will naturally start showing interest in the amazing world of ABCs and 123s. Do not worry if your kiddo does not understand the concept of counting, or messes up the alphabetical order. Instead, focus on evoking their curiosity as they start to observe alphabets and numbers all around them – be it either through TV shows, toys, or daily activities.

How you can help at home

Witnessing your child learn in their own unique ways is an exciting process. When you feel that your child is ready, you can guide them into the world of ABCs and 123s in these fun and meaningful ways: 

  • Make ABC / 123 art using crayons, paint, or even play-dough.
  • Sing along to songs like the alphabet song and nursery rhymes.
  • Read to your child, try simple and interactive alphabet/number books.
  • Invest in interactive educational toys that have sounds of someone reciting letters and numbers.

Travel back to childhood with your little ones as they journey through the many learning milestones ahead – it’ll be lots of fun! 


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