When we think of winter, images of beautifully lit walkways and snow-capped trees fill our mind. Despite the harsh temperatures, many of us look forward to this magical time of the year, but this definitely is not the case for mum Amanda Phillips.

Every winter, Amanda faces the immense stress of having to keep her daughter safe from viruses that attack the respiratory tract. Her daughter, being extremely susceptible to such viruses, gets infected easily. An infection usually leads to a serious case of respiratory distress, croup cough, oxygen deprivation, and ultimately hospitalization. While her daughter is susceptible to viruses throughout the year, viruses thrive better during winter, which means an exponential increase stress for Amanda to keep her little girl safe.

“She runs without getting breathless, and has perfect oxygen at any other time. We hate the winter,” Amanda shares about her daughter.

We can only try to understand the devastation Amanda feels upon seeing her otherwise healthy daughter fall mercy to the harsh weather conditions every year. Being a parent is never easy, but parenting while constantly fighting against an invisible evil just raises the amount of respect we have for parents like you, Amanda.

Thank you, Amanda, for sharing your story with us. Your story will definitely encourage other parents in similar situations to stay strong and soldier on, for their child’s health.

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