Back to school ... amidst a pandemic

With the new year comes a new set of worries, namely the fact that, well … school’s a little weird now. Because the new normal can be especially jarring for your little ones who are transitioning back to school amidst a pandemic, we’ve collected some tips to address those worries. 

1) Make social distancing second nature to your child.

If you haven’t explained the Covid-19 crisis to your child for fear of burdening them, you should! A clear and calm explanation will keep them better informed about the current climate and empower them to take the next steps instead of floundering about with uncertainty. 

If you want to tone down the gravity of the situation so as not to frighten your child, you can use playacting with stuffed toys or siblings to explain the basics of social distancing and why it’s important. 

2) Open up to your child and get to know his emotional state of mind.

As a child, smaller class sizes and the inability to play in large groups might seem catastrophic to budding friendships in the classroom. Do they have any worries? Are they feeling isolated? 

Having the conversation already shows valuable concern which is even more important during this tough time. Perhaps there are ways in which you can help too: schedule skype dates with your child’s friends, host Netflix parties, or you can make up for the lack of fun time. 

3) Incorporate breathwork or meditation techniques to help cope with anxiety.

With the influx of rules and surveillance from teachers, your child might find school a struggle. Teach them how to manage troubled emotions with simple breathing exercises, like closing their eyes, taking deep breaths and mentally counting till ten. 

We hope this how-to guide proved helpful, especially during this worrying time. If you’d like a related article on 5 care tips to keep your kids healthy during back-to-school season, check this post out.


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