Parenting is hard.

Parenting when your child keeps falling ill is even harder.

That’s why Lisa Hutchinson is excited by new medical devices that will help detect abnormalities in her child Toby’s heart rate and breathing patterns.

For her, these devices are a matter of saving Toby’s life.

Lisa shares that Toby has been plagued by epilepsy-related seizures since he was only 7 months old.

She has learnt that Toby’s heart rate and breathing rate increase before a tonic-clonic seizure. After the attack subsides, his heart continues to race while Toby struggles to take in air from a diminished breathing rate.

Lisa elaborates that Toby’s heart rate slows while his breathing pattern speeds up before an absence or a drop seizure; afterwards, his heart rate gradually rises as his breathing returns to normal.

It’s heartwarming to see how Lisa has taken it upon herself to understand medical jargon and learn to differentiate between the various conditions, just so she can provide the best care for her child.

Lisa currently uses a mattress alarm and wrist alarm to help her stay ever-alert to the slightest hint of a seizure onset in Toby.

Thank you Lisa for joining us in raising awareness on the severity of childhood illnesses!

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