Some children suffer from exercise-induced asthma – which happens when an individual suffers from asthma-related symptoms or flare-ups after aerobic exercise.

If your child has exercise-induced asthma, you might feel hesitant to let your little one exercise. But it is still possible for children with exercise-induced asthma to workout without triggering an asthma flare-up. 

In fact, exercise can better help manage your child’s condition. 

Why Exercise Is Essential?

Exercising regularly can help decrease asthma-related symptoms because physical activity helps to improve our lung functions. The key thing to take note of is the right type and amount of exercise. 

5 Types of Physical Sports for a Child With Asthma


If you are wondering what type of sports is best suited to introduce to your little one here are some suggestions: 

1. Swimming 

Swimming is one of the most suggested physical sport for children with asthma. 

Swimming is less likely to trigger asthma-related symptoms because of: 

  • moist and warm air
  • low exposure to pollen 
  • higher pressure of fluid on the chest 

Do take note that sometimes the chlorinated water in the pool can trigger a flare-up in some individuals. 

2. Hiking 

Start your little one with a gentle hike trail that has a slow and steady incline. 

Do take note if your child has pollen allergies. Check the pollen count before going for the hike. 

3. Recreational biking 

You can try taking your child out for cycling at a slow and leisure pace – an activity that does not require constant exertion. 

4. Indoor sports 

You can introduce to your child indoor sports such as: 

  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics 
  • Indoor tennis 
5. Sports with short bursts of energy 

These are the type of outdoor sports that do not overstrain our lungs. 

  • Baseball 
  • Football 
  • Volleyball 

Precautions Tips for Exercising With Asthma

Try to avoid strenuous activities and follow these precautions: 

Quick-relief medication
  • Make sure your child carries his/her quick-relief medication at all times in case of an asthma flare-up. 
Check pollen and mould counts
  • Always check the pollen/mould counts before bringing your little one out for exercise. 
Wear facial coverings/mask
  • When exercising outdoors during cold weather, make sure your child wears a mask or any facial coverings to prevent a flare-up of their asthma. 
Proper warm-up & cool-downs
  • Make sure your child has proper warm-ups before exercise and cool-downs after exercise. 
Inform your child’s coach
  • Tell your child’s coach about their asthma condition and update them about the asthma action plan. Make sure your child and the coach knows when they need a break before their asthma-symptoms worsens. 


Make sure that you check with your child’s doctor to see if they are suitable for physical sports. And always update and check with your doctor about their asthma action plan! 

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