Child Development: Learning ABCs and 123s

Do you still remember the excitement you felt when your child blurted out their first word? Before you know it, your little one will start to sing the alphabet song.  Every child is different. Although most children develop in similar patterns, learning takes place at their own individual pace. Some kids start recognising ...

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Bedtime Stories We Love

Struggling with putting your child to sleep? You might want to revert back the way our parents put us to sleep back when we are younger — bedtime stories. It’s been proven that these stories have appealed to generations: you can still find them in local bookstores! The Classics Lull your little ones ...

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3 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Learn Better

Let’s be frank, we’ve all struggled to learn spelling and dreaded math classes. Most kids aren’t born good learners. When they need not worry about anything but watch cartoons and play games, doing well in academics is definitely not on their priority list. It is hard for children to appreciate learning opportunities and ...

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