Pandemic Dreams: Your Little One’s Sleep Is at Stake

Since March 2020, our lives have never been the same. Countries are in lockdown, uncertainty looms, and the persistent pandemic is affecting our mental health. Unsurprisingly, that has a negative impact on our dreams! Deirdre Barrett, the Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, collected 2,500 responses from individuals on how the ...

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Is Your Child a Picky Eater?

Struggling to find the right meal plan for your little one? We know the feeling. It can be frustrating when every meal turns into a heated argument or bitter memory. But fear not, here are 11 carefully selected tips for you to turn your picky eater into a foodie! 1. Experiment with different ...

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Why Are My Kids Not Eating?

Is your child sulking at the dinner table and adamantly refusing to eat the food you painstakingly prepared? Although experiences from parents reveal that it is rather common for young children to be picky eaters and go on hunger strikes, if your child refuses to eat for long periods of time, you might ...

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Asthma Buzzwords: Nebuliser vs Inhaler

Many parents who care for a child with asthma may be inundated by different types of asthma devices in the market. Here is a quick explanation about the difference between an inhaler and a nebuliser.  Nebulisers and Inhalers are essentially asthma preventive medication. It is designed to deliver medication - but many parents ...

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What Are The Best Sports for Kids with Asthma?

Some children suffer from exercise-induced asthma - which happens when an individual suffers from asthma-related symptoms or flare-ups after aerobic exercise. If your child has exercise-induced asthma, you might feel hesitant to let your little one exercise. But it is still possible for children with exercise-induced asthma to workout without triggering an asthma ...

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Vitamins for Children: Do They Need Them?

The endless advertisements and promotion of child supplements may have compelled you to think if you should get some vitamins for your children. We heard a lot about how vitamins and mineral tablets are good for our bodies. While this is undeniably true, most children get sufficient amounts of nutrients from eating a ...

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