Childhood Obesity: A Quick 101 Guide

Baby fat or childhood obesity? Maybe it’s time to cut down on those burgers and colas… You may think that it’s ok for your child to be chubby. But truth is, your child could be overweight.  Childhood obesity has been increasingly prevalent in the 21st century. Fast food and processed products have led ...

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Is Your Kid Consuming Too Much Sugar?

Sugar and kids make a sticky mix, because it is a sweet, sweet attraction ... It gives us energy. It cheers us up. It indulges our tastes buds.  The doughnuts, candies, ice cream, sodas, and other sweet treats we offer to kids make them – and us – real delighted. But the truth ...

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Eczema and Asthma: What is the Link?

You might be wondering if there is a link between your child’s asthma and eczema (a skin condition). The answer is “Yes”, there is! The BBC News reported that studies have shown “50-70% of children with severe allergic skin problems go on to develop asthma”.  Understanding Eczema Eczema which is also known as ...

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Exercise-Induced Asthma: What Is It & How Do You Manage It?

Some kids may have asthma symptoms only after or during exercise. This is known as “exercise-induced asthma (EIA)” or “exercise-induced bronchoconstriction”.  If your child has asthma attacks during exercise, he or she might have EIA. Read on to find out more about its symptoms and how you can manage them.  Table of Contents: Symptoms ...

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