Dealing with your 3-Year-Old’s Tantrums

 Raising a toddler is like a walk in the park. The Jurassic Park. With all that crying and screaming, you would think that they actually did see a dinosaur. But jokes aside, a 3-year-old’s tantrum can be trying for even the most seasoned parents. On bad days, like when your kid is lying [...]

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Are Imaginary Friends A type of Disorder?

The imagination of a child is bountiful and precious. It preserves a beautiful sense of wonder for the world that many of us have lost as adults. Imagination is said to be the beginning of creation. And where creativity shines, we find the courage to make our dreams take flight. In a sense, imagination [...]

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Is your child getting enough sleep?

“I don’t wanna go to bed yet!” Your child protests while clicking on the next YouTube video. You glare silently at the newest rendition of Baby Shark (when are you ever going to hear the last of that song?), painfully aware that the next morning will be another uphill struggle of getting your child [...]

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What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that causes people to have recurrent seizures. A seizure happens when there is a sudden surge in electrical activity in a person’s entire brain, or in parts of it. This sudden increase in brain activity leads to seizure symptoms such as muscle spasms. A common misconception is [...]

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How to Raise a Gen Z Kid

“Kids these days have it too good with their new-fangled technology and whatsits and thingamabobs! When I was your age, I had to walk fifteen miles to school in the snow! Uphill! Both ways!”I know, I know. We’ve heard it all before.The latest generation, Generation Z, is broadly defined as the generation born between [...]

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