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What is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is basically the fancy term for infection of the lungs, caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. More specifically, it refers to infection of the alveoli, which are tiny air sacs that make up the lungs. With an infection, the air sacs will be inflamed (swell up) and fluid will accumulate in the air [...]

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Types of Asthma Medication

An asthmatic child can live a regular life just like any other kid – so long as their condition is managed properly.  Asthma is caused by the airways in the lungs being inflamed. Attacks range in severity which can affect your child’s activities. Drugs and medication are used to control asthma. If you’re concerned [...]

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Struggles only an Asthmatic will Understand

When you’re suffering from a condition that one in 13 of the population also suffers from (that’s 334 million people worldwide), it often gets difficult to convince a non-asthmatic that asthma is a real, serious condition that significantly impacts your life. Just because asthma is the most common chronic respiratory disease, non-asthmatics think they know [...]

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Asthma: Fact or Fiction?

Confused by some of the answers in our “Asthma: Fact or Fiction” quiz or want to find out more? We’re here to clear things up! You’ll find in this list the questions that were displayed in our quiz, their corresponding answers, and why these answers are so. Asthma only affects children. Fiction. Asthma [...]

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Types of Cough and What They Mean

Coughing serves an important function of expelling excessive mucus and unwanted irritants, such as dust and chemicals, from our throat and airways. Removing these substances helps to clear the way for air to flow freely into our lungs. Our bodies produce extra mucus as an immune response to an illness, and coughing may [...]

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What is sleep apnoea?

Is your child having trouble sleeping at night? Sleep is important for growing children; it can be worrying when your child doesn’t seem to be getting enough of it. Sleep disorders are one of the most common reasons for children to face trouble sleeping at night. They can range from insomnias to parasomnias, [...]

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Shortness of breath: could mould be the cause?

Summer is supposed to be a time for fun and relaxation, but for people—especially children—with allergies and respiratory diseases, they may find themselves feeling too breathless to enjoy their well-deserved vacation time. Previously we talked about summer allergies and why it’s important to know and avoid your triggers. What, then, could be causing [...]

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Why do kids wheeze?

Is that wheezing you hear? Wheezing is a cause of concern for the little ones. It is a high-pitched sound that can be heard when breathing, most clearly heard when they exhale, and in extreme cases, also on the inhale. The sound happens due to the air that is being forced through inflamed [...]

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