When Maranda first found out her son was diagnosed with severe central sleep apnoea, she was surprised. Not because of the fact that her son was diagnosed, but because sleep apnoea was an illness that she was not familiar with at all. However, she soon found out that sleep apnoea is a very serious sleep disorder that could potentially affect all of her son’s organs and cause developmental delays.

“Too often, sleep apnoea is dismissed and left untreated as there is not enough information available about the illness, and even most doctors don’t know much about it,” Maranda shares.

At just two months old, Maranda’s son suffered from his first episode of sleep apnoea. Maranda thought her son was sleeping well in the car, but when she looked in the car mirror again, she saw her son struggling to breathe. He was turning blue. She immediately stopped the car and performed CPR on him. Till now, she was grateful to be able to resuscitate him.

But because the doctor then did not diagnose sleep apnoea, Maranda’s son was declared perfectly healthy and went home after a week. However, more and more incidences of sleep apnoea occurred over time. At one year old, he even began to have hypoxic seizures (seizures due to lack of oxygen). It wasn’t until Maranda sought out a second doctor’s opinion that she finally got a diagnosis for her son, and her son could be treated properly.

After what Maranda’s son went through, she wants to make sure that other parents and children are aware that sleep apnoea is a real issue and should be treated seriously. Her son is now a happy, healthy two-year-old, and the family has learnt to cope with his sleep apnoea.

Thank you, Maranda, for raising awareness about the severity of untreated sleep apnoea. Your story will definitely motivate other parents to get a timely diagnosis and treatment for their children.

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