how covid19 has change our lives

Life has become a standstill for most of us and frontline workers are currently fighting a long battle against Covid19. But one fact has not changed and is that this pandemic has changed our lives and we are living in unusual circumstances and uncertainties especially for kids who have asthma. So how has COVID19 changed our usual daily routine and how can we take measures to cope with Covid-19?  

What has changed?

  • Working from Home 

Many companies have implemented telecommuting and most parents will be at home with their kids more during this lockdown period. 

  • Tele-schooling 

Like working adults, our kids are now at home learning in a home environment. 

  • Social distancing 

Gatherings with friends or family members outside of our household are strongly discouraged and virtual video calls have become our everyday norm. Greetings should be done without using handshakes – rather elbow greetings have become the new norm. 

With these lockdown measures, our home has become an important safe space for us. 

Impact of Covid19 on Kids 

However, observations about Covdi19 has shown that: 

  1. The majority of Covdid19 cases has shown that it affects adults more than kids. 
  2. There is a decreasing number of asthma-related hospital admissions for children. 

With many children staying indoors, many parents have reported that they are able to better manage their kids’ asthma conditions as there less contact with other viruses that are known to be asthma triggers. The reduce in transport movement has led to a decrease in pollution and better air quality. Kids are also taking their prescribed medications more regularly because of fewer external commitments – such as school. 

However, there still precautions to take for children with asthma. 

3 tips on how you can keep control of your kid’s asthma (Covid19)

  1. Be more mindful that lockdown has increased our kids’ exposure home allergens such as house dust, mould or cigarette smoke. 
  2. Ensure that your kid continues taking their prescribed asthma medications. 
  3. Educate your child to follow Covid19 prevention measures such as frequent handwashing, avoid face touching and social distancing. 
  4. Work with your child’s doctor closely if you feel that your child need to make certain adjustments to their asthma care plan or their medications. 


Let’s not allow fear and anxiety overtake our rational emotions. 

Stay calm, stay safe and stay home. 

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