No matter if you are in the middle of summer or at the end of summer, it is time to enjoy some fun summer games. 

Due to an unprecedented situation, we are currently facing a global pandemic. It is best we stay home and spend more bonding time with our little ones. Here are 5 fun summer games you can try: 

1. Board Games 

To keep kids entertain indoors, you might want to try a good old fashion board game that can set their competitive spirit up! Legos? Rummikub or Monopolies are great indoor board games to ignite their competitiveness and critical thinking. 

You might want to start stocking up on your board games stash for your kids to give them a variety to choose from. 

2. Indoor Games

Start with simple classics like “Simon Says”, “Charades”, “Pictionary” or “Hide-&-Seek”. All these are fun and entertaining games that can get your kids’ spirits up in the house especially during the hot sweltering seasons.  


3. Art Jamming

Ignite your child’s inner Picasso! Let your child draw and paint anything they like. It could be their favourite animal, TV character show or even you! Let their creative spirit run wild at home. 

4. Dance Time 

If you are worried that your little one is not getting enough physical exercise – you can start streaming dance workout videos on youtube. Make it a family activity because it is fun, free and a great way to bond with your kids! 


5. Backyard Camping

Have a backyard? Use it to build a fort! You can spend the night stargazing with your kids, roast marshmallows, play fun campfire games or tell ghost stories! It is okay if you are not sleeping in the tent for the night, but it is still a great space for everyone to hang out and chill! 

We hope you gained inspiration from this list. Here’s to quality bonding time with your kids over these fun summer games!

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