Grandparents’ Day is often a day that goes forgotten.

Yet, for many of us, childhood would never have been the same without our grandparents.  So for this Grandparent’s Day, we urge you to do something special to celebrate that unique love that grandparents give to our little ones! 

If you need some ideas, here are some special ways to celebrate: 

1. Desserts with grandma & grandpa

Want to sweeten Grandma and Grandpa’s day? Let your little ones have a cooking session with them. Whip up their favourite treat, and decorate the dessert with sprinkles, chocolates, nuts or raisins! 

2. Plan a sleepover!

Sleepovers are a great way for your little ones to bond with grandparents! Find a free day when both Grandma and Grandpa are free, and when your little ones are not busy being shuttled to and from playdates or enrichment classes. Use this day to schedule a fun sleepover filled with stories, fort-building or games with grandma and grandpa! 

3. Storytelling

Take a road down memory lane! Everyone has a fascinating story to tell and you should encourage your little one to interview Grandma and Grandpa. Use old photographs and photo albums to help pique your children’s interests! 

4. Get messy with paints!

A very fun way to promote intergenerational bonding between your children and their grandparents is to get crafty. Have a simple art jamming session and encourage Grandpa, Grandma and your children to get creative with their imagination!

5. Board games, card games and puzzles 

If your little one is old enough to play board games, you might want to organise games night with Grandpa and Grandma. They are fun and make a great bonding activity for the family.


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