How To Bond with Your Gen Z Kids

‘Gen Z’, or ‘Generation Z Kids’ is a largely popular term being thrown about to describe our young ones nowadays, who are born after 1997.  And for good reason, too! They’re characterised by a number of unique traits:

  • Use technological devices frequently
  • Very social media savvy
  • Likely to suffer from anxiety, isolation, low self-esteem (due to increased online connectivity of the world and decreased physical contact with others).
  • More open about mental health topics
  • Face overwhelming pressures of current events (like academic stress, uncertainty from world events like terrorist attacks and unstable political climates, climate change).

 How to bond with your Generation Z Kids:

 Confide in your child when you’re struggling.

Gen Zs crave for intimacy and want to feel valued as a confidante. Opening up to your child can also foster a healthy attitude towards handling emotions, both negative and positive ones.

Help them relax.

Generation Z kids are often in an environment of excess. Their world prizes productivity and progress at high speeds, which can cause burnout. What would benefit your child would be to source for activities and strategies to destress. Try yoga or go for walks in nature as a family activity! Work-life balance is extremely important in this age, and your support can encourage your child to prioritise that.

Establish ‘no-tech’ zones.

For example, ban the use of phones during dinner. Instead of mindless scrolling, mealtimes should be a period of conversation and catching up on how your days went. Because Gen Z-ers spend most of their time online, activities which distance them from technology are a fresh change.

Gen Zs aren’t the only ones to blame for their constant use of technology. Millennial parents are often blamed to be as technology-dependent [ALYX3] as they are. It’s thus important to lead by example and show how healthy digital detox and disconnect look like in this tech age.  

Involve your family in green activities.

Climate change and sustainability are popular themes amongst this generation. Consider green activities that help strengthen your family’s relationship with the earth by taking up gardening or participating in recycling together. Working on a meaningful cause together can make the time spent more fulfilling.  


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