Little Dominik was on the floor, blue in the face, crying and gasping for air. He had pee all over him due to the pressure from coughing so hard.

This was the horrifying scene that greeted Jess Williams when she rushed into the bedroom, upon an alert from her other son that Dominik was turning blue. Jess scrambled to call the ambulance. When it came, the medics took one look at Dominik and rushed him into the car.

“There’s no time to wait. Leave the house unlocked. Your son needs to get to the hospital now or he wouldn’t make it,” was what the medics told Jess.

One can only imagine the fear Jess felt when she heard such words from them. Dominik was eventually intubated and put on life support. He had to stay in the ICU for four days until he could breathe on his own. He eventually left the hospital two days later but was in and out of the emergency department for the next six months.

Dominik was diagnosed with severe reactive airway disease, where his airways just shut down without warning. Ever since that day, the entire family’s life has changed. Dominik can no longer go to day care, so Jess had to quit her job to care for him full-time. He also has to take medications in the mornings and at night, and gone are the days where he can run around and be a normal kid.

After a seven-month-long struggle with reactive airway disease, Dominik has been diagnosed with asthma and receives more accurate treatment for his condition. While right now Jess is just grateful that Dominik is still with them, she would like to remind other parents to take their child’s health seriously. Jess advises parents, “One will never know what may happen, so do not be afraid to see the doctor if you ever suspect anythinginally, she also wants other parents to know that they aren’t alone in this journey, and to always have faith no matter what the circumstances.

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