Samantha Heron was shocked to find her baby Alexandra convulsing in the middle of the night, despite being on anti-seizure medication (sodium valproate).

In fact, Samantha wouldn’t have detected a thing had Alexandra not toddled in every night to sleep in the same bed as her.

These seizures are part of generalised epilepsy, which Alexandra had been diagnosed with when she was just 3 months old, and subdued with medication.

But Alexandra is still occasionally gripped by tonic-clonic seizures and other quieter types.

It’s the latter that has been preventing Samantha from training Alexandra to sleep in her own room.

Samantha thus hopes for a device that can monitor her child and alert her to any deterioration in her health status.

Not only would this grant Samantha the freedom to decide how she brings up her child, it would also bring her much needed relief and allow her to get a better night’s rest.

Samantha is not alone in managing her child’s condition. Click here to read about Lisa Hutchinson’s experiences with parenting her child, who also has epilepsy-related seizures.

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