Have you ever wondered why music is often claimed to be great for kids?

Wonder no more! Here’s a breakdown of the benefits that music brings. We’ve also added a few playlist recommendations that are sure to be a hit among your little ones.


3 Benefits of Music for Kids

1. Helps prepare little ones for school!

Music helps to improve your little one’s language acquisition and reading skills. These are critical for preparing them for their schooling years. Besides this, music also helps to accelerate mathematical learning abilities, which helps with their SAT scores in the future.

2. Brings many developmental benefits

Other than intellectual benefits, music also helps to improve children’s socio-emotional and motor skills. Through music and dance, children gain essential motor skills and bolster their self-expression. Listening to a great song can also strengthen memory!

3. Adds lots of joy to our kids’ lives

Last but certainly not least, music stimulates happiness, and to be able to listen to a good song with your loved ones is certainly a memory that’ll be cherished for years to come.


Our Top Music Picks for Your Little Ones

If you are tired of listening to the same old nursery rhymes, here are some songs that are great for both adults and kids.

1. Disney Movie Sound Tracks

If you’re looking for music that offers great lessons for your little ones, look no further, soundtracks from Disney are here! These music tracks are universally loved by all ages – which makes them perfect for you and your child.

2. Kidz Bop music

Kidz Bop features children singing contemporary music that is free from explicit content. Try playing Kidz Bop music in the living room and start a little dance party with your little ones!

3. Relaxing music for kids

Sometimes, all you need is just a bit of good relaxing music. This playlist is packed with loads of relaxing songs – perfect for all ages!


Music fills our life with inexplicable joy. We hope that these song recommendations will create beautiful memories for you and your little ones!


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