It might sound strange, but your toddler’s green poop is more common than one would think. The digestive systems in younger kids are not as fully developed as that of adults, which result in the unexpected colours [ALYX2] of our toddlers’ poop.

The “culprits” behind your toddler’s green poop could be:

1) Bile

Our bodies produce bile — a greenish liquid with a tinge of yellow. Bile helps to emulsify fat, and an excess of bile pigments in poop can give it a dark green colour. This is more commonly observed when food is not adequately and fully digested in time, as in the case of diarrhoea.

2) Green vegetables

Perhaps it may be reassuring to know that the greenness of your child’s poop is an indicator that you’re feeding him or her enough fibre! Think leafy greens like spinach and kale.

3) Iron supplements

Iron, present in supplements and certain medicines, could also cause your child’s stool to turn a shade greener.

4) Pigments and dyes in food colouring

Aside from green pigments, dark purple dyes can bring about green poop as well.

4) A bacterial infection

This usually arises from harmful bacteria like Salmonella, or norovirus. Do not be too quick to worry, as this is usually accompanied by more prominent symptoms like vomiting and diarrhoea.


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